Is there a cost to signing the pledge?

There is no cost to become a Convene Green Signatory and access our resource network.


How much time will this take?

Signing the pledge takes very little time, in fact – it’s all here on-line. The goal of the pledge is to get you started on your sustainability journey!


How do I sign up?

The signup process is done online through the Convene Green website. Click here to get started.


What is the benefits of becoming a signatory?

Signing this pledge symbolizes empowerment and commitment into the future of the meetings industry.  Sustainability addresses so many global issues that have implications now and in the future. By becoming a signatory, planners will benefit as pioneers in helping to accelerate sustainability for a greater cause and be part of the movement for change. You’re pledging to be at the forefront and standing out among your industry peers. 


Am I able to take the pledge worldwide, or just specific places where events are held?

The pledge is open to any event organizer worldwide.  While the majority of Convene Green Signatories are based in the US, we believe Convene Green is a global movementThe more the merrier!


What if I can’t commit to all five pledge actions?

The five pledge actions are a minimum starting point to catalyze the event industry to accelerate sustainability.  Convene Green will have plenty of examples of how others like you are implementing sustainability effectively to help inspire you in your journey also.


How does the Convene Green Pledge relate to meeting certifications in the marketplace?

The Convene Green Pledge is an easy, simple way for every planner to start the sustainability journey. Once you start to convene green, you have options to enhance your program. The Convene Green Pledge bridges the gap between the thousands of planners who want to make a difference, and the small handful that have achieved a sustainability certification as part of their program.


I organize more than one event each year. Do I need to sign the pledge for each show, or can I do this for my organization just once?

At this time, you only have to sign the Pledge once to become a Convene Green Signatory. In the future, we will have optional programs that allows you to drive enhanced exposure and recognition to one or multiple events you produce.


Is there an audit or other things I need to demonstrate to comply with the pledge?

There is no annual audit, but our team will be checking in with you from time to time. We hope you continue to stay engaged as you’ve agreed to implement the 5 Pledge Actions. For reporting purposes, we do require that each organization engage our Convene Green community by using the hashtag #convenegreen to promote pre-event, on-site or post-event sustainability initiatives.  


What is the difference between the Convene Green Pledge, a Convene Green Champion, and a Convene Green Leader?

Convene Green Pledge is the minimum 5 actions planners can take to be recognized around sustainability.  This will launch on November 17th, 2016.


Convene Green Champion is for those planners that have demonstrated above and beyond the 5 actions of the pledge, plus three other event sustainability initiatives will achieve a Convene Green Champion designation.  More information will be released around this category in early 2017.


Convene Green Preferred Suppliers is specifically for suppliers in the event industry who have demonstrated event sustainability solutions and have a process in which they can becomes recognized through Convene Green. More information will be released around this category in early 2017.


What is the HIP Network?

HIP Network knows Group Business. Since 2008, HIP Network has been at the forefront of the meetings and events industry, connecting influential Associations and Corporations to hotels, venues and destinations. HIP Network’s forward thinking clients share this eagerness to challenge the status quo and the enthusiasm with which they deliver market leading business intelligence platforms, tools and educational experiences to our network of 7,500+ Planners and Suppliers. 


I’m having trouble accessing pdfs and other documents from the site.  How do I resolve this?

Be sure to email Ryan Barth for any technical issues you may be encountering from our site and a team member will respond shortly.


What if I need help getting my sustainability commitments going?

Please contact us and we’ll connect you with our Event Sustainability Technical Experts and Partners. 

Ready to Take the Convene Green Pledge?

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