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Convene Green Pledge

Event organizers are committing to leadership in event sustainability across the industry. Why not be one of pioneering planners committing to 5 simple actions to help accelerate sustainability within the meetings and event industry? Taking each of the five actions below creates opportunity for creating a stronger, more innovative and dynamic meetings and events industry. 

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(1.) Incorporate sustainability from the earliest stage of the event planning

It starts from the beginning. Make sustainability part of the conversation early in the event planning process (this includes having a conversation with destination partners—the Convention & Visitors Bureau or Destination Marketing Organization, venues, convention centers, hotels, general service contractor, caterers to embed sustainability practices both internally and externally.

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(2). Include sustainability requests when seeking and selecting vendors

Include simple sustainability questions in Request for Proposals when working with vendors to build stronger and more impactful processes and procedures.


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(3). Hold events at a green venue

Hold your meeting or event at a venue that either holds a sustainability certification and/or has dedicated staff and resources towards addressing environmentally and socially friendly practices on site and benchmarks itself against industry best practice and seeks to continually improve.


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(4). Communicate event sustainability efforts

Share your best practices and event sustainability achievements on various media channels available to reach your attendees and stakeholders.


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(5). Collect post event sustainability results

Ask vendors to provide sustainability reports that focus on areas such as energy, water and waste, donations for events, and review the results to help establish your baseline for future improvements and expectations.